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    Pizza Hut Deals with Extras

Have a look below at all of Extras’ latest Pizza Hut coupons, deals and exclusives below.
Pizza Hut Coupons
Get your hands on all of the
latest Pizza Hut Coupons below.
On Extras, we make sure our
Pizza Hut Vouchers and deals
routinely updated so you won’t
miss a thing. Our pizza
vouchers often discount entire
orders, offer a free pizza and
discounted sides. Take a look
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Our current Pizza Hut deals

$29.95 3 Large Pizzas Delivered
$23.85 3 Large Pizza Pick up
$6 for 6 Wings
Buy One Get One Tuesdays
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Hut vouchers and coupons take
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Exclusive Pizza Hut
Always be the first to know
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extras with Extras exclusive
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A few of our latest Pizza Hut
promotions include:
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Free Garlic Bread and 1.25L
Free Delivery on 3 Pizzas
Free Garlic Bread or Chips
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Pizza Hut promotions take a
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Pizza Hut Menu Updates
We know it can be hard to stay
on top of menu changes and
additions, so Extras does it all
for you. You’ll be able to check
on the latest new menu items
from Pizza Hut as well as drink
and side additions. Don’t miss
out on any limited time dessert
menu items or pizza toppings


A few of the most recent Pizza
Hut menu changes include:
The Move from Pepsi to Coke
The Hershey’s Brownie is Back
Stuffed Crust Twists Arrived
Personal Pan Pizzas are $4.95
before 5pm
Take the work out of staying on
top of your favourite Pizza Hut

menu items and check in with

Using Extras’ Pizza Hut Coupons and Vouchers
The easiest way to use the coupons you find on Extras’ is to enter them into the ‘Add Coupon’ field on the
Pizza Hut website. This way you’ll have your voucher items automatically added to your order. Most Pizza
Hut stores do accept both in-store and online vouchers, however, ordering online with your Extras’ voucher is
a smoother process.
We know some stores might not accept digital or printed vouchers or coupon codes so we recommend
calling the store and ordering over the phone if you’re not able to order online.