If you’re looking to save a few dollars or grab a couple of freebies the next time you’re at the McDonald’s
counter then you’re in the right place. On Extras, you’ll find plenty of exclusive McDonald’s deals and
vouchers to help you add more to your order for less. Most of our McDonald’s vouchers and deals are in-app
exclusives so make sure you remember to download the MyMacca’s App for your device!
McDonald’s Deals and Vouchers with Extras
Take a look below at Extras’ exclusive McDonald’s deals, vouchers and freebies for 2019.
MyMacca’s Exclusives
To get the most out of your
McDonald’s order it’s so
important to have the
MyMacca’s app. On Extras, we
are constantly updating our in-
app exclusive deals to ensure
our readers know all of the latest
freebies and deals. You’ll find
burger deals, free small menu
items and exclusives for new
MyMacca’s users.
A few awesome McDonald’s in-
app deals you’ll find this month

Free McFlurry’s for New App
Chicken ’n Cheese Burgers for
Caramel Frappes for $2
McCafe Exclusives and
To stay on top of Extras’
McDonald’s deals and to get the
most bang for your buck
certainly download the
MyMacca’s app.
Seasonal Deals
We all have a favourite
McDonald’s seasonal deal and
Extras is here to make sure you
never miss yours! Whether it’s
summer’s $1 sundaes or $2
snack burgers, we’ll make sure
to keep you updated so you
snag your favourites this

A few of our current McDonald’s
deals for this season include:
Small Hot Fudge Sundae’s for
Hamburgers for $1
McDouble for $2 in TAS, NSW,

24 Nuggets for $9.95
We know seasonal deals
change quickly and that’s why
we make sure everyone’s
updated and aware of these
deals on Extras. Like us on
Facebook to find out when your
favourite McDonald’s seasonal
deal begins!
McDonald’s Voucher Sheets
If you’ve missed out on your
local McDonald’s deals, freebies
and exclusives voucher sheet
then you’re in luck. On Extras,
we keep posting all of the most
recent NSW McDonald’s
voucher sheets so you won’t
miss a thing regardless of which
McDonald’s store you’re closest


A few of the latest McDonald’s
voucher sheets include:
Dual Big Macs for $7
2 Small Coffees for $5
$1 Frozen Fantas
Dual McChickens for $7
*Only at participating
Make your search for
McDonald’s vouchers effortless
by simply checking with Extras
each month.

Using Our McDonald’s Deals and Vouchers
Most McDonald’s stores around Australia accept both digital and printed deals, however, in-app exclusives
will need to be ordered directly through the app to be collected from your nearest store. This makes it easier
for everyone, all you’ll need to do is download the app, place your order and pick it up.
Seasonal exclusive deals will always be on sale at McDonald’s without you needing to bring a special
voucher, code or show your phone – unless otherwise stated.
Vouchers can be printed or shown digitally in participating stores.