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Maritime Super – MySuper

Maritime Super – MySuper

Founded in 2009, the Maritime Super Fund’s nine investment strategy options, low fees and various insurance inclusions make it a top industry fund pick for Australians in the maritime industry. 

Key points

  • 5-year growth of 7.01%
  • Low $78 admin fees
  • Financial planning services
  • Long-term income protection services

The Maritime Super – MySuper Offering

As Australia’s largest maritime industry super fund, Maritime Super manages over $6 billion in assets and works to provide investment options that ensure these assets are consistently growing by offering customers a range of superannuation investment strategies and products. The main superannuation product for maritime workers looking for a super fund is the MySuper product which features a range of insurance inclusion, financial services as well as a variety of other options. 

The Maritime Super – MySuper fund includes the following options: 

  • Comprehensive financial planning services
  • A small investment fee of just 0.49% 
  • Majorly reduced account fees based on the size of your superannuation funds
  • No exit fees 
  • A range of credit card offers and discounts 

Maritime Super – MySuper

  • Returns of 7.01% over a 5-year period
  • Admin fees of $78
  • Investment fees of 0.49%
  • Zero admin fees on balances over $500,000

Key features: 

  • Multiple investment options
  • Sector-based investment options
  • Easy access to investment performance and changes
  • Zero switching fees 

Joining Maritime Super – MySuper 

Although the maritime super fund was originally developed for Australians working within the maritime industry, the fund is accessible and available to all Australians interested. However, the application process differs depending on who you work for or whether you’re self-employed. 

The Maritime Super fund states that employers within the maritime industry are already likely participating with their fund. That said, you should first reach out to your employer and inquire about them signing you up. 

However, those who’d like to join without the online portal and of their own accord can do so just as easily by reaching out online or calling the Maritime Super fund by calling them on 1800 757 607. Keep in mind you may need an Australian Business Number or ABN handy.

Investing With Maritime Super

There are a whole range of super investment opportunities provided by the Maritime Super fund, all of which focus on different outcomes from high growth, balanced growth and more. If you’re looking to take full control of your investment strategies you’re able to do so. Be sure to take a look on Extras and compare the top super funds and their investment options to ensure you’re getting the highest returns possible.

Below are Maritime Super’s investment processes and options: 

Growth Super Investing

The growth investing option consists of up to 90 per cent growth assets and just 10 per cent defensive assets. These investment opportunities provide your super with high growth potential in the long term but do come with short term risks. 

Balance Super Investing

A medium to high growth opportunity with Maritime Super includes investments in 70 per cent growth assets and 30 per cent defensive assets which allow high growth to rest on mid-growth assets for more stability. 

Conservative Super Investing

The low growth option is the conservative option which invests the majority of your super into defensive assets and 30% into growth assets. This ensures slow but steady growth in the long term which takes away a vast majority of risk for those with industry super in Maritime Super. 

Sector Investments 

Unlike with many other industry super funds, you’re able to invest in diverse sectors with the Maritime Super fund. That means you have the option to invest in international shares along with  Australian shares and make fixed-term investments all of which provide solid long term returns with varying degrees of risk. 

About The Fund

As the largest maritime super fund in Australia, Maritime Super supports almost 30,000 members and helps to manage just under $6 billion in assets. Originally formed as a merger of the Seafarers’ Retirement Fund, the fund is now entirely standalone.

The company has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and a long history in serving those maritime super members working within the maritime industry, making them a reputable and trustworthy super fund.

The fund prioritises all types of growth for their customers and in doing so provides a whole suite of investment options to ensure that all speeds of growth are on the cards. Paired with low rates, administration fees and many inclusions, Australians looking to invest their superannuation will have plenty of opportunities here.


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