We’ve all come to find that KFC has heavily jumped on the coupon and vouchers bandwagon and Extras’ are
bringing all of our readers the latest KFC Vouchers and freebies for 2019. Whether you’re having a lunchtime
snack or family dinner, we’ll hopefully help you save on some of your favourite KFC menu items. Be sure to
download the KFC App to make sure you’re able to access all of our deals and save just that little bit more.

KFC Vouchers with Extras

From the KFC App to limited time in-store deals, you’ll find the latest KFC Coupons and discounts on Extras.
KFC’s Deals and Discounts
Like most fast food outlets, KFC
loves to offer a good limited time
deal rather a suite of discount
codes and on Extras, we make
sure you’re getting all the latest
deals. You’ll find plenty of
routinely updated KFC deals
and discounts on Extras from
nugget share packs to burger

Some of KFC’s latest deals are
listed below:
$10 for 24 Nuggets
Original Recipe Fill Up for $4.95
$2 Large Chips – Coming March
Popcorn Chicken for $10 –
Coming Feb 19
To keep up to date with all of
KFC’s latest meal deals and
sharable boxed meals visit the
Extras website or like us on
KFC News and Menu Updates
The Extras’ KFC news updates
ensure you’ll always be on top
of the latest menu changes and
new seasonal deals like the $1

KFC Splashes. You might even
catch the Build Your Own
Bucket or mates box promotions
if you’re an Extras reader.
KFC’s latest news and menu
updates for 2019 include:
The Announcement of the New
$1 Mountain Dew Splash
The Range of Shaker Flavours
Including Honey Mustard
KFC’s Limited-time Sharable
Nugget Deals
Always keep a close watch of
Extras’ KFC news and menu
updates for all of the latest
additions to KFC’s menu and
family and friends deals.
KFC In-app Exclusives
If you’re not using the KFC App
there’s a good chance you’re
missing out on countless deals,
freebies and bonuses. On
Extras, you’ll always know
exactly what’s going and when
you’ll find the latest new menu
items, free extras or discounted
family meals.

KFC’s latest exclusive in-app
deals are listed below:
$2 Large Chips for March
2 Sides for $5.95
Regular Chips for $1
The Entire Colonel’s Table
Exclusive Offers
The Extras website is the
easiest way to stay on top of
KFC’s exclusive in-app
Colonel’s Table deals, discounts
and freebies if you’re not always
checking the app.

Using Extras’ KFC Vouchers and Deals
Taking advantage of Extras’ KFC Deals and vouchers is super easy as you won’t often need to apply a code
or order exclusively through the deal’s link. Simply keep updated on the Extras’ website and you’ll know
exactly where and what the latest KFC deals are and when they’re available to order!
Always remember to keep the KFC App handy as a whole bunch of our KFC deals and freebies are great in-
app exclusives.