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Vouchers List
We’ve got our hands on the latest
Hungry Jack’s Vouchers and
Coupons and we’ve posted JPG
and PDF versions for Extras
readers to get their hands on. Most
Hungry Jacks stores accept both
printed and digital formats. Choose
your voucher and save!
A few of the latest Hungry Jacks
vouchers include:
• Small Coffee at Hungry Jacks for $1 (NEW)
• Medium Battered Onion Rings at Hungry Jacks
for $2 (NEW)
• Big Brekky Wrap at Hungry Jacks, hash Brown &
Small Coffee $5.95 (NEW)
• 2 Tendercrisp at Hungry Jacks for $7.95
• 2 Whoppers at Hungry Jacks $7.95
• 2 Bacon Deluxe at Hungry Jacks $8.25
For the latest Hungry Jacks
monthly voucher list take a look
In-App Exclusives
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deal. Download the Hungry Jacks
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Some of the latest Hungry Jacks inapp exclusive deals include:
• $2 off Vegan Cheeseburger
• $2 off Vegan Muffin
• $9.95 18 Nuggets and 2 Medium
• $4.25 Choc Lava Cake & Small
Coffee or Soft Drink
• 2 Whopper Cheese for $8.25
All you’ll need to do is download
the Shake & Win app and we’ll let
you know of the latest exclusive in app meals and deals.
News and Menu Changes
We don’t just offer great deals and
discounts, but we also keep
everyone in the loop with the latest
Hungry Jacks menu items and
service changes. Whether you’re
looking for Hungry Jacks delivery
updates or for a limited time burger,
you’ll be able to find it at Extras.
Here’s a few Hungry Jacks’ news
posts you might’ve missed:
• Hungry Jack’s Delivery available
in 90 locations to over 1,600
• Hungry Jacks unveils new vegan
breakfast muffins available until
• Limited-time Coco Pops
• Thickshake and Storm on sale
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Using Our Coupons
To use the coupons, vouchers and freebies that you find on Extras simply take a screenshot of the
voucher and its code. You can also download our PDF or JPG versions and display these on your phone or
print them out.
Most Hungry Jacks stores across Australia accept both printed and digital coupons and vouchers, however,
there might be a few who prefer one method over the other. Leave us a comment if you’ve noticed your
local Hungry Jacks gives you trouble when cashing in our vouchers.
For in-app rewards and vouchers, simply download the Shake & Win app and present your winning barcode
to a team member at the register.