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See the latest blockbusters with friends for less by using Extras’ 2019 discount codes for Hoyts or
by checking in with our latest Hoyts news. You’ll always know when you can save at Hoyts and
you’ll have access to the best codes and promotions for your local cinema. We’ll even let you know
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Discounts at Hoyts With Extras

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Cardholder Reward
As a Hoyts Rewards
Member, you’ll have access
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savings that might even
include discounted snacks
and drinks or free
screenings. On Extras, you’ll
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select movie screenings.
Our most recent Hoyts
discounts and member
promotions include:
Regular Popcorn, Drink and
Choc Tops for $15
Access $10 Movie of the
Week Screenings

Save on Classic Rewind
Screenings $10 Tickets
Never miss an awesome
Hoyts Member perk again
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Discount Codes and
Save on your next screening
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back codes and discounts.
Whether you’re a Hoyts
Member or a just a casual
moviegoer, we’ll have the
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Our latest Hoyts coupons are
listed below:
Receive a 10% Hoyts
Cashback for Renewing or
Activating a Membership
As more Hoyts codes and
discounts come to us we will
update our discounts list.

Hoyts Partner Discounts
If you’re an Optus customer,
you’ll have access to heavily
discounted movie tickets that
you can cash up to ten times
a day and they’ll even give
you a cheaper Hoyts ticket
on public holidays! As Hoyts
expands their discount
partners we’ll keep you

updated on the Extras’
website so you can start
saving as soon as possible.
The latest discount partner
promotions are below:
$12.50 Standard Tickets with
Optus Perks
$27 Lux Tickets with Optus


2 for 1 Tickets on Thursdays
After 5pm with AHM Health
Keep a close eye on Hoyts
as they expand their discount
partnerships. Extras will
update our readers as soon
as we know of any other
discount partners.

Using Hoyts Coupons and Partnership Discounts
To use any Hoyts’ codes you find on Extras, simply head over to the Hoyts website and enter these into the
Voucher Number field.
To use Optus Perks’ tickets, log into your Optus account on the Optus Perks website. You’ll find the Movies
section and this is where you’ll be able to access discounted Hoyts tickets. Simply choose Book Now and
you’ll be taken to the discounted Hoyts/Optus Perks merged website.
To use AHM Health’s Hoyts’ discounts, visit the Hoyts section of the AHM website and enter your AHM
membership number. You’ll be redirected to the movie selection screen where you’ll be able to choose which
movie you’d like to see for a 2 for 1 price. Just remember, AHM Health’s promotion is for Thursdays after