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How To Buy Tesla (TSLA) Shares From Australia


The stock market may be a challenging area to dive into, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to trade Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares. Below is our guide that will lead you through every step of the way. 

Company Overview

California-based Tesla was founded in 2003 by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. Tesla’s primary business is the production of electric automobiles and solar energy products, such as small and large-scale solar batteries. It has led the charge in global electric car sales for many years.

Step 1: Find a Broker

To purchase Australian Tesla shares online, you must first choose a broker who provides access to US marketplaces. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from, and most will provide a variety of features, such as:

Fractional Share Trading

The ability to purchase fractional shares is a significant benefit of buying US stocks—rather than buying the entire share, you can simply buy a portion of it. This is especially useful when dealing with expensive stocks like Tesla.

Commission-Free Trading

Another advantage of trading US equities on a platform is the possibility of trading on a free commission. This feature is available in several online brokers and may help you save quite a lot of cash.

Easy-To-Use Trading Platform

Other marketplaces are rather sophisticated, with a plethora of items and options to choose from. Platforms that are simple to use are often preferable when purchasing a share like TSLA.

Research And Reporting

The research and reporting department provides you with crucial Tesla information such as a business summary, price record, recommendations, and price projections.

Step 2: Deposit Funds to Your Account

Once you’ve decided on a dealer, you’ll need to fund your brokerage account. You should be aware that this cash may not be available immediately, so don’t hurry into any purchases.

Step 3: Decide How Much to Invest

You shouldn’t be worried about the cost of a complete Tesla share; instead, you can purchase a partial stake. If the price of one unit rises, the same is true for a portion, so you may still earn while taking lower risks.


If the value drops, it becomes easier to acquire more shares and decreases the average cost you have spent.

Step 4: Are You Trading Shares Or An ETF?

Instead of purchasing a stock, consider investing in an Exchange-Traded Fund. This is essentially a mutual fund that can be exchanged the same way that stocks can, providing a more varied portfolio.


ETFs are a collection of stocks and bonds that you can invest in just like any other stock. Nevertheless, if you are an active trader, the yields may be lower than individual equities and less attractive than share investing.


Tesla is represented by ETFs such as the Invesco QQQ Trust, the SPDR S& P 500 ETF Trust, the iShares Core S& P 500 ETF, the Vanguard S& P 500 ETF, and the ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF.

Step 5: Decide Your Order Type

Market Order

A market order is the most basic; it is executed at whatever the market price is when the order is placed.


Keep in mind that in fast-moving markets, these prices might vary while you’re executing the deal, so they may differ slightly from what you expected.


Assume you’re looking for Tesla stock, and it’s now trading at USD 610. You make an order, but the share price has plummeted to USD 600 by its execution—that’s the cost you will incur.


Limit Order

By using a purchase limit order, your trade will only be executed if the share price hits the value you choose or if it falls below it. Assume you decided you want to only buy Tesla stock for $600 or less. Your limit order will be activated when the price drops to $600.

Stop Limit

Stop limit is the point where you decide how much you want to sell your stock. Say you intend to sell your Tesla stock for USD 610. Your sell order is executed when that price is met. The stop limit is triggered when the cost exceeds USD 610.

Stop Loss

A stop-loss assists you in lowering your risk—it specifies the price at which you want to sell your shares. For instance, if the share price falls significantly, the stop loss ensures that you sell before your investment experiences too much harm.

Step 6: Execute Your Order

After you’ve made all of your selections, you now need to set your order. Launch your trading platform, enter the Tesla stock code (NASDAQ: TSLA), and place your desired order.

Step 7: Monitor Your Investment

Various variables influence the firm’s success, such as reports and announcements, new goods, and competition in home and overseas markets.


Please keep a lookout for corporate news and technological advancements. All of these factors might have an impact on the share price.

Where To Buy Tesla Shares

1. SelfWealth

SelfWealth is an Australian digital brokerage business that was founded in 2012. It provides low-cost, flat-fee shares plus another investment trading in Australia and the United States, without other commissions or monthly payments unless you choose a premium membership.


It’s geared towards consumers who have been familiar with trading stocks and other investments but are put off by the high percentage of trade-value charges levied by many conventional and internet brokers.


However, even users with limited share market expertise can still benefit from Access to the SelfWealth Community. Use the first three months of your subscription following other outstanding investors and study what they have in their account.


By studying the top achievers’ assets, you can decide to optimise your portfolio. But, after the first three months, you’ll have to pay a monthly membership fee to keep viewing such information.


After joining, you’ll be assigned an ANZ cash account that you’ll deposit funds to fuel your ASX trading. OpenMarkets, an extensive retail brokerage, executes trades that are CHESS-sponsored (Clearing House Electronic Sub register System) and utilise your HIN (Holder Identification Number).


Even though it seems like a lot of jargon, it effectively implies that the ASX is registering your shareholdings and you’re the principal shareholder instead of being kept in a shared custodian account.


You can buy minimum amounts of $500 worth of each stock or smaller portions if you already hold a ‘marketable parcel’ worth more than $500 in the stock you’re buying. The amount you can buy is only limited by the funds that are in your trading account.


  • The trading charge is low and consistent. You’ll pay only $9.50 for each deal, no matter how big or little the transaction is.
  • Unless you choose a SelfWealth Premium account, there are no additional costs.
  • The free account includes stock research as well as current pricing.
  • There are both market and fixed price trades offered.
  • For the first 90 days, you will get free access to SelfWealth Premium.
  • Members with a SelfWealth Premium account may track prominent investors and build their portfolios based on their findings.
  • Properties are held under your HIN rather than in a combined custodial account.
  • Funds from a trading account are maintained in an ANZ bank account for maximum security purposes. 
  • Children can also have a share trading account.


  • The Premium account on SelfWealth is not free—after the first 90 days of free access, you’ll have to pay $20 each month.
  • Trading is restricted to Australia and the United States rather than a wide variety of foreign markets.

2. eToro

eToro, founded in 2007, has grown to be one of the world’s most popular social trading platforms. It debuted its ground-breaking WebTrader technology in 2009—allowing anybody to trade commercial products online. The corporation is headquartered in Israel, Cyprus, and London; however, its services in Australia are governed by ASIC.


eToro provides such a diverse range of trade assets, indices, and commodities that covering them all in a single article would be difficult — and unlikely to help you take your next steps in investing.


The focus of this eToro review is on the platform’s share trading capabilities. If you have any queries regarding copy trading, how their fees operate, or what you may invest in, you’ll find the answers here.


You must first establish an account to utilise the eToro platform. You will be required to enter your full name and contact information, username and password, as well as forms of identification and your tax file number.


To begin trading, you must first fund your trading account with a minimum of USD50 via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or a money transfer provider like Western Union.


Since eToro trading accounts are only available in USD, you’ll be charged a currency exchange fee of 0.5 per cent for bank transfers and one per cent for other depositing options. You can begin buying US equities after your deposit is validated. USD50 is the minimum trading size and extra deposit.


There is no fee to establish or use an eToro account, and no commission is paid to Australian customers when they purchase or sell US equities.


But you’ll be charged the conversion currency costs mentioned above, as well as a USD5 withdrawal fee whenever you withdraw cash from your eToro account.


When you’ve not used your account for one year, you’ll be charged USD10 for each month that you did not use it.


  • Trades in US stocks are free of commission.
  • You can easily Interact with other traders to exchange information and experience.
  • CopyTrader allows you to mimic the behaviours of successful traders.
  • Online platforms that are simple to use make it possible to trade from anywhere.
  • There is information, analysis, and market guides for users.
  • Video lessons, podcasts, and Trading School are examples of educational resources.
  • To help you better understand how everything works, you are provided with a demo account for simulated trading.
  • Clients are guaranteed many trading options, including fractional shares, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs.



  • It is only possible to trade US stocks and not Australian equities.
  • Because the trading account is in USD, you must pay a currency exchange fee when doing any transaction.
  • A USD5 withdrawal charge is levied on funds.
  • CFDs are subject to overnight and buy/sell spread fees.
  • Cryptocurrency trading involves the payment of spread fees.

3. Superhero

Superhero offers you all of the resources you need to conduct stock investments and places your capital to work—you can begin with as little as $100. It also provides a portal that enables you to access your portfolio with just a click of a button.


Other useful tools include a stock trading wallet to manage your income stream and a proper reporting function that claims to assist traders in tracking their success like an expert. The share trading software makes all of this possible.


Superhero is gaining popularity with a wave of young investors who want to reap the benefits of super-low online trading expenses and invest in the stock market at a time when bank interest delivers a low rate of return.


Superhero’s mission is making investment accessible and understandable to all, whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned trader.


One of the critical benefits of Superhero is the ability to trade over 2,500 ASX-listed goods at quantities more minor than the typical broker’s limit of $500 per trade. The only operator that offers a similar option is Commsec Pocket, and its low transaction account is restricted to seven ETFs.


Superhero welcomes investors to trade any ASX-listed stock as well as NASDAQ and NYSE-listed US equities.


The Superhero Wallet allows users to track their shares and working capital quickly. The high level of security and two-factor authentication makes it a safe trading service.


  • ASX trading with a low charge. There is a flat fee of $5 regardless of the amount of the trade or the number of trades you make to buy ETFs, and there is no brokerage fee.
  • There is no cost for trading in the United States. There are no brokerage fees when buying and selling US-listed stocks and ETFs.
  • Purchase US fractional shares. Beneficial if you need to buy costly stocks like AMZN, which trades for more than $3,000 per share.
  • It provides market statistics in real-time.
  • It offers a low minimum investment, as low as $50 for each transaction.
  • The registration process is straightforward. It simply takes a few minutes to provide your phone number, email address, name, date of birth, and residence address, set a password, and validate your identification.
  • It is a platform that is easy to use. Efficient and hassle-free, suited for novice investors while still being accessible to professionals.
  • If you use PayID, there are no costs to deposit funds into your account. 
  • The 0.50 per cent FX transfer cost is one of the lowest.
  • Legitimate FX transfers for US stock trading eliminates the need for a financing lag before trading can begin.


  • Charting is fundamental. Trade data is continuous, and with a simple line chart and a maximum lookback period of one year, you’ll probably discover that you are completing your study beyond the platform.
  • There are no Buy or Sell recommendations, price goals, or stock research to aid your trading selections further than the basic charting.
  • There is no detailed financial information available for the firm. Ultimately, you’ll need to obtain that amount of data from outside the program.
  • It is not possible to purchase fractional shares in ASX-listed firms. You must buy at least one share of any ASX-listed securities or ETF in Australia.
  • Selling your ASX-listed ETFs will incur a $5 cost.
  • There is a $1 cost for transferring money into your Superhero Wallet with BPAY.
  • Because your investments are housed in a joint custodian account (an ‘omnibus’ account), you do not have a HIN (Holder Identification Number) with CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Sub register System).
  • Individuals are the only ones who can sign up; corporations and trusts cannot join up.

4. Pearler

Pearler, unlike many other trading sites, focuses on long-term investments. Three Sydney-based friends developed it in 2018 as a replacement for confusing, pricey micro-investment applications and cumbersome brokerage systems.


Pearler’s goal is to offer a “one-stop-shop for personal finance” with “various providers’ investments, savings, loans, and insurance all in one spot.” For the time being, they are concentrating on investing to assist customers in achieving their long-term financial objectives.


Studying their mission reminds you of Warren Buffett, the ultimate value investor and another long-term investor. He did not start wealthy, but according to Forbes magazine, he is now among the top ten richest people on the planet. Value investors acquire for the long term (typically at low costs) and hold onto their holdings without succumbing to the whims and fancies of market price changes.


Pearler is designed for Australians who wish to invest in stocks straightforwardly. They contain characteristics that are beneficial to both novice and experienced investors.


Pearler will assist anyone who wishes to invest in shares correctly, which involves building a long-term diversified share portfolio.


It is not designed for busy traders who are constantly entering and exiting transactions.


Pearler offers many unique, similar and more established investment platforms (such as CommSec, NABtrade, CMC markets, CommSec Pocket, and Selfwealth).


  • Auto invest takes care of your stock portfolio for you, allowing you to focus on other things. The first stage is to decide how much you want to invest, how often you wish to invest, and which stocks you want to invest in. You may choose between two alternatives in the most recent version: deposit cash and invest right away, or let your investment grow and invest when it reaches a particular amount. The portfolio will take care of itself once you’ve put up your auto-invest plan. Lowest share, Rebalance the portfolio, and Equal investment are the three investment strategies offered by Pearler.
  • To top up your cash account, Auto Deposit uses a one-time or regular direct debit.
  • Accurate tracking allows you to establish an investing goal and see how close you are to achieving it.
  • Similar to eToro’s social network, shareable profiles and portfolios are available. Many well-known “Finfluencers” may be found. If you choose to share your portfolio, you may become one yourself; however, you can keep it private if you like.
  • Template portfolios are pre-built based on the Pearler community’s most popular ETFs, life insurance companies (LICs), and stocks. Themes are used to create templates. You can, for instance, select the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) portfolio or one centred on sustainability. You can utilise a template and modify it to meet your requirements.
  • Integration with Sharesight. Pearler now connects with the analytics tool Sharesight—simplifies productivity and tax reporting.


  • It is safe and secure with an ASIC license, CHESS sponsorship, and funds kept in a large bank.
  • There are no start-up, maintenance, inactivity, or other hidden costs.
  • There is no minimum investment order size.
  • Flat-fee brokerage per transaction that is competitive.
  • Long-term investing emphasis is an important quality that distinguishes Pearler from the competition.
  • Suitable for both new and experienced investors.
  • When constructing your portfolio, you may choose between manual and auto investment options.
  • There are portfolios of influencers to follow and learn from.
  • Accounts might be joint or individual. You can have them both.


  • There are currently just Australian ETFs and shares available, but other markets will be added in the future.
  • There is no mobile app; however, the website is apparent and straightforward.
  • There are no research papers to assist you in picking what to invest in.
  • There are no SMSF or trust accounts yet, but they are on their way.

5. CMC Markets

CMC Markets, established in the United Kingdom and registered on the London Stock Exchange, has been in business for over 30 years and is among the world’s largest stockbroking, forex trading, and CFD platforms.


They have a famous mobile app and an excellent customer service record, having won over 50 accolades in the previous two years. These have been given out for client satisfaction, technological advancement, and trade tools.


 Additionally, CMC Market provides up-to-date market data, some of which is free. It’s more than just a trading post. It’s a terrific location to hone your talents because account users get access to many instructional resources.


Their in-house analysts create reports regularly, making analysis quick and easy for you. You must fill out an online form with your name, contact information, ID verification papers (driver’s license, health card, passport), and banking details.


When utilising CMC, you could also establish a demo account holding virtual funds by providing only your email address, name, mobile number, and pin, in addition to opening an existing account. If you’re a newbie to stock trading, this is a terrific method to get started and familiarise yourself with the process—new accounts frequently lose money.


You’ll also be shown how to create a Macquarie Cash Management Account, an interest-bearing account used to settle trade transactions. You can finance the account by transferring money from your regular bank account. Besides, it will only take a few days to register your CMC Markets account and bank account properly.


Because CMC offers a large selection of teaching resources, it might be a fantastic place to start for individuals new to the stock exchange, forex trading, and other markets. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a Robinhood-style experience, CMC isn’t for you; instead, explore Superhero, Stake, or Sharesies.


  • Low brokerage costs for Australian traders, especially compared to other well-known brokers such as Bell Direct and the big banks’ broking platforms.
  • Trading in the US, UK, Japan, and Canada is free of brokerage costs.
  • Shares, ETFs, options, commodities, currency products, indexes, cryptocurrencies, and government debt are just a few of the many trading possibilities available.
  • Customer service, website, and mobile applications have all won honours.
  • Market price orders, stop-loss orders, take-profit orders, limit orders, and stop-entry orders are some of the several order types available.
  • You’re in the hands of specialists with over 30 years of broking expertise.


  • Phone transactions are rather costly. If you prefer to trade over the phone, you can expect to pay roughly $60 for this service.
  • Some worldwide trading has high fees. If you want to trade equities outside of Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or Japan, commission rates are higher, either 0.59 per cent or $59.95.



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