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How to Buy GameStop (GME) Shares from Australia

GameStop (NYSE: GME) is considered one of the important places to trade and purchase consoles and video games. Consequently, it turned its mall-based stores into gaming hubs. 


This trading platform has gained popularity and competitive advantage by allowing people to trade games with each other. However, its competitors like Target, Amazon, and Walmart don’t offer this service.


Early 2021 saw Gamestop’s shares go up, owing to a subreddit by the name WallStreetBets.  This guide will walk you through how to purchase Australian GameStop shares.

Company Overview

GameStop takes the top spot as the world’s largest retailer of video games. It’s also a trade-in point for Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation games, together with their accessories, consoles, and systems.


Its origin dates back to 1984, headquartered in the Grapevine Area of Texas, in the United States of America.


In 2021, GameStop famously invested as a meme stock. This was after WallStreetBets Reddit Members bought and retained its shares. The share prices went up, enabling GameStop to sell shares and offset its huge, long-term debt.


GameStop has been forced to meet the rapidly changing market. For instance, it has had to align with the market’s demand for online and downloadable games. At the same time, COVID-19 restrictions have limited its operation to a few stores.


GameStop’s future success will depend on how well it realigns to competition in digital gaming. Repositioning involves coming up with a storefront like the Apple App Store or adopting streaming similar to what Amazon’s Twitch is doing.


GameStop can also gain from institutional buying trends, thanks to its stock in S&P Midcap 400.


But how do you buy GameStop? Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can effortlessly buy GameStop (GME) shares.


Step 1: Find a Broker

Select an online broker that allows trading US market shares. That said, the following options and features will help you get the desired broker while trading from Australia:


  • US Market Access: To buy GME, you’ll need a broker with specific access to the NYSE.
  • Commission-Free Trading: You can buy US shares on zero commission with various trading platforms in Australia. Some of these brokers charge a fee per trade, while newer members operate free of charge.
  • Fractional Shares: In some instances, you can buy a portion of a share. You can add more expensive shares to your portfolio later, which can be costly upfront.
  • Clean And Relatable User Interface: Trading shares shouldn’t be difficult. Where possible, choose newer brokers whose interfaces are user-friendly and make trading much easier.
  • Tools For Analysing Companies: To make an informed decision, choose tools that will provide you with market updates, quarterly earning reports, technical analysis, analyst notes, etc.

Step 2: Fund Your Trading Accounts

The second step comes after selecting a broker and opening an account. Transfer funds before purchasing shares and give them some time to clear before you begin to trade. Please note that funding options will vary from one platform to another. 

Step 3: Come Up With A Budget Before Investing

Shares are vaporous assets so be prepared to lose money when you invest in shares. However, you can take advantage of fractional share trading, which gives you the option of investing within your allotted budget.

Step 4: Invest Or Buy shares in an ETF

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) invests in various companies and is a less risky way of investing than investing in a single company.


Companies that have exposure to GME include SPDR S&P Midcap 400 ETF Trust, iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF, Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF, etc.

Step 5: Configure Your Order

When working on an order, you can choose from the different order types available:

Market Order

Market orders are filled up at the next available price, and the price you obtain may differ from what was provided when you turned in your order.

Limit Order

A limit order is executed at a price that is less than or equal to what was specified. You are therefore shielded from spending more than what you budgeted for.

Stop Limit

A stop-limit merges the features of a limit and a stop order—allowing you to sell or buy shares at a defined price automatically.


If the share’s stop price is reached, a stop-limit order automatically transits into a limit order executed at a price below or equal to the specified one.

Stop Loss

This order type gives you the flexibility of choosing the price to sell the share for and protects your position from a dip in value.

Step 6: Place your Order

This stage comes after selecting a broker, adding funds to your account, and deciding on your preferred investment type, after which you can then place your order.

Step 7: Monitor your Investment

Share prices at Gamestop are highly flippant, so you’ll need to watch the changes and challenges. 


Additionally, you’ll have a picture of how GameStop seeks to maintain a sustainable digital business model amidst strong competition.

Where To Buy Gamestop Shares

1. Stake: The Best Option 

Stake allows Australians to trade in US stocks effortlessly, with its desktop and the mobile trading app having over 6,000 US EFTs and stocks. 


The platform works only for US stocks and doesn’t give access to ASX-listed shares.


Stake provides what you paid for, and investors can gain access to zero brokerage in the US., and this is why it’s Australia’s most affordable CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Sub register System) sponsored product.


However, even with a cheap brokerage, Stake investors have limited options. For example, Stake trading tools don’t provide research options without payment. Also, it lacks in some areas of customer support.


Stake makes money on currency exchange, either when you withdraw from your account or add funds to it, and the company doesn’t charge brokerage fees.


When you start trading with Stake, you’ll have first to add funds to your account. Furthermore, you’ll be charged $0.70 for every $100 you transfer from AUD to USD and vice versa.


Stake emphasises that these charges are applied by other brokers, including banks, to international transactions. In addition, Stake, unlike other brokers, only charges the fees during fund transfer.


There are other charges to note—for example, if you top up your account using a debit or credit card, you’ll incur a 2% charge in addition to the transfer fee (USD 0.70 per AUD100).


To avoid this fee, consider making a bank transfer within the app using the PoLi service by Australia Post.


The majority of investors should work well with Stake, despite its limitations. This is also due to its easy access to the US market.


Unlike traditional brokers who require investors to put in a minimum of $500 in allotments, Stake’s investors can trade a minimum of $10 per purchase. It’s ideal for those seeking fee-free stock access and small-time investors as well.


However, you’ll have to transfer $50 each time onto the app.


Stake is one of the cheapest apps and comes with a $0 brokerage for US socks. Investors pay an affordable USD 2 when withdrawing from their accounts. 


Soon, it will charge $3 for ASX stocks, with no recurrent monthly fees for standard accounts.


CommSec, Australia’s largest broker, contrastingly charges $10 per trade for ASX shares and 19.95 USD for US stocks.


Stake’s weakness is its simplicity, especially when an investor wants research options included with their broker or advanced options. As a result, Stake provides “Stake Black”, allowing investors to gain access to share market research.


  • There are no trading fees, which gives Stake a big attraction
  • Zero monthly fees for standard trading features. Stake’s starter part includes fractional share purchase and unlimited trades
  • Simple interface that contains 12 US markets and over 3,500 investment options.
  • You get a free share on signup. Stake uses a random spin-the-wheel promotion to offer a share at Dropbox, Nike or GoPro. You get full access to these after funding your account for the first time.
  • You can buy fractional shares, for example, 0.2 as part of an Apple share, 0.10 as part of a Google share, etc. As an example, as of November 2021, you can $10,000 in Amazon, which translates to 4.10 shares.
  • Low FX fees and brokerage commissions, in comparison with the likes of ASB Securities and Direct Broking.
  • You can use Wise to fund your Stake account or use existing US dollars. It provides an FX rate which is a spot rate that dollars can consequently fund via the app. Stake investors get the spot rate when withdrawing from or funding their accounts.
  • Stake comes with a limit and stops orders. You can purchase shares at a set price or set an alert when the share drops to that level. If the market prices are at par with yours, or if there’s a dip, your order will be filled. You can use this feature on all trades at no extra cost.
  • You’re permitted to conduct day trading. If you have cash, you can sell or buy as much as possible on any pack. Stake comes with a $9 per month ‘Black Pack’ plan that allows you to use unsettled funds during a trade.
  • It has Android and Apple versions of its app, which come with positive reviews.
  • Quality support is accessible via both mail and phone. For New Zealanders, the number of (04) 888 0104
  • A thriving online community There’s a Reddit New Zealand Stake users’ forum with an active following.


  • The default option to fund your account is the “Express” speed, adding 0.5 to 1%  FX fee. You’ll have to remember to revert to “Standard” to avoid the extra charge.
  • It doesn’t offer joint accounts.
  • Fractional shares aren’t covered in a limit sell or limit buy orders. To use this feature when trading, you’ll have to buy or sell whole company units (this could make shares of companies like Amazon or Alphabet costly).
  • It only offers access to US foreign markets, with no other options.
  • It charges for basic features like trading on unsettled funds. These come at $9 per month as part of Stake’s premium accounts.
  • Unlike many EFT investments (Superlife, Simplicity, and InvestNow), it has no foreign hedging options. If the NZD goes up against the US Dollar, the NZD value will be lower than the USD (all factors held constant).

2. SelfWealth

SelfWealth provides a trading platform for Australian shares, with a flat trading fee of $9.50, less than what CommSex and NABtrade offer.


SelfWealth customers are provided with a unique Holder Identification Number(HIN), and all shares are sponsored by CHESS via your HIN, making you a legal beneficiary of the shares.


This trading platform lowers operation costs by outsourcing functionality like clearing and execution to third-party stockbrokers who operate in wholesale.


You’re free to purchase SelfWealth shares and then let them through the turns and twists of the market. It comes down to your preference and what you’d like to achieve while trading.


SelfWealth plays well if you regularly buy and sell shares to make short-term profits. However, if you plan for something more long-term, you’ll need to adopt a rebalanced strategy to cushion you against market dips.


An ASIC research reveals that about 80% of day traders lose their investment, and a further 75% quit within the first two years.


Managing your portfolio at a platform like SelfWealth can be tricky since you don’t receive any advice on risk management, rebalancing, and portfolio management.


You can create a SelfWealth account via their website in a few minutes and then fund the account in a few days.


Funding doesn’t happen automatically to allow for verification (you’ll need to provide a valid ID to facilitate this process). Once you’ve created and added funds to your account, you can go ahead and sell/buy shares on the ASX. 


Trading transactions settle within 48 hours and you’ll get a confirmation from the share registry when shares are listed in your name. You can also create different accounts at SelfWealth: individual, company, joint, or trust accounts.


  • Its brokerage is affordable and comes at a flat fee
  • There are no commissions
  • It has functionality for stock analysis
  • It allows you to trade in Australian and US shares


  • The SelfWealth premium account is not free
  • Its trading is limited to Australia and the US

3. eToro

eToro started in 2018 as a cryptocurrency exchange platform for US investors.


Outside the US, eToro has been used by international investors for global currency trading, forex trading, and commodities like gold and stocks.


US traders can create an eToro account, and crypto trading is open to residents of 43 states. However, residents in other states such as Hawaii, Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, and New Hampshire can’t use the platform to trade using crypto.


eToro’s interface is straightforward and features tools for beginners and advanced users. Its uniqueness lies in its extra features.


You can use eToro’s virtual portfolio (worth $100,000) to practice before investing actual money.


Similarly, you can make a social investment by incorporating trading strategies used by top platform users.


eToro offers its clients around 2361 tradable symbols, which are summarised in the table below: 


Symbol category Description
Usability eToro allows you to select CFDs vs. trading the asset directly from the trade-ticket window. This is a subtle but beneficial functionality.
Cryptocurrency You can use cryptocurrency trading with the underlying asset (r.g. Bitcoin purchase) or through CFDs. 

Note: Crypto CFDs aren’t available to UK residents. Cryptocurrency is similarly unavailable to residents of the Netherlands, Russia, and France.

Popular investor program eToro’s four levels (cadet to elite) range from spread rebates to a management fee for elite users or monthly payment.

There’s also an option where a popular investor can allow other investors to imitate him.

Cryptocurrency pricing eToro’s pricing is next to the industry’s trading average, such as 0.75% trading in bitcoin. Its fiat to crypto conversion fee can go up to 5%. 

Converting crypto to crypto at eToro costs 0.1% (in addition to prevailing spreads).



  • Has a providence of up to 17 cryptocurrencies
  • You need minimal investment to fund an account and start an investment
  • You can perform social trading and watch popular traders
  • Easy opening of account
  • Free stock and ETF trading options


  • Offers its service in only 43 states
  • eToro limits US customers to crypto trades, while it opens equity trading and forex to other eligible countries
  • Weak areas in customer support
  • There’s only one account base currency

4. Superhero

Superhero is popular with the young generation of investors and traders. This cohort is keen to use cheap online brokerage for investment amidst low return on investment from banks.


This trading platform aims at making “investment accessible and understandable for everyone,” whether you’re a seasoned trader or a first-time investor.


Superhero’s significant features include its ability to trade over 2500 ASX-listed products for less than $500 per trade. This is only rivalled by Commsec Pocket, whose low-value trading accounts are limited to 7 ETFs.


Furthermore, this company invites investors to trade in US stocks listed in the NYSE and NASDAQ and ASX-listed stock.


Superhero’s security is heightened by its two-factor authentication and high level of encryption, and users can keep an eye on shares and cash flow using Superhero Wallet. 


Setting your own SMSF can be expensive and complicated and comes with a degree of regulatory compliance. Consequently, Superhero offers two account types that you can use to control your super funds without setting your SMSF:


  • Superhero Autopilot: You can invest up to a maximum of 30% of your super-thematically. You can use broad buckets across US tech giants, sustainability, health, and climate change. This comes with automatic contribution allocation, and Superhero takes care of reporting insurance and admin. Life and TPD insurance are included—costing $1 per week, plus 0.49% per annum of the invested amount.

  • Superhero Control: You can invest up to 75% of your super into ASX 300 shares and use the remaining 25% of your super invested in a diversified portfolio. You don’t need SMSF as Superhero handles insurance, admin, and reporting, including Life & TPD insurance. It costs $2 per week, plus 0.49% per annum of the invested amount.


You can get up and running with Superhero, using the following simple steps:


  1. Visit their website and create an account.
  2. After completing registration, provide your ID and contact information. Your Superhero bank account will be automatically funded via PayID bank transfer.
  3. Select the ETFs or shares you’d like to invest in.


Signing up consumes less than 5 minutes, which is shorter than most conventional trading apps.


  • Its registration process is simple and requests a few things, including your phone, name, email, birth date, and address, including a password and ID to confirm your identity.
  • You can trade with unsettled funds after-sales. You’re able to use what you make from trades each week. You can also sell out a position if you don’t want to wait for funds to clear before reuse.
  • It uses 2-factor authentication and bank-level encryption. Superhero wallet funds are held using a NAB cash management account.
  • You have full control of Superhero funds without needing to set up a complex SMSF.
  • Its platform is sleek, easy to use, and hassle-free. It’s suitable for both beginners and pros.
  • You don’t need to deposit account funds if you already have a PayID. There are no express funding fees.


  • Your investments are held in a joint account. This means that you don’t have your HIN with CHESS
  • Only individuals can signup. Companies and trusts are locked out at the moment
  • It has basic charting capability. Its market data is live but only comes with a  simple line chart and a maximum 1-year lookback span. You’ll probably be forced to research outside the platform
  • It doesn’t have Buy or Sell ratings, stock analysis, or price targets that can guide you into options beyond its basic charting

5. Pearler

Pearler was founded in 2018 by three friends who wanted to provide Australians with financial freedom. Today, it is an investment and financial platform that has 11,000 investors and approximately 20,000 users.


It is a one-stop-shop that houses options for savings, loans, investments, and insurance from multiple providers, empowering you to invest in EFTs, shares, and LICs. 


You can select individual stocks manually or create an auto-investing mechanism that automatically buys stocks to invest with Pearler.


Pearler offers portfolio templates that you can customise to meet your individual needs for new users who don’t know their way around.


Also, you can imitate popular influencers as long as you properly strategise your investment strategy, alongside your goals, needs, and circumstances.


Pearler also helps you choose shares to invest in, how much to invest, and how frequently you’d like to invest.


Lastly, Pearler offers three strategies to use when investing:


  • Lowest shares: You invest in the current lowest-performing share within your portfolio. You can use the cheap pricing and portfolio rebalancing without having to buy multiple shares.
  • Rebalance portfolio: You can rebalance your asset pool to the desired percentage. Use this option if you’re investing a large amount.
  • Equal invest: You can invest across all shares within your pool. It works best for experienced investors.


Adult Australians (those over 18 years) who have a valid ID can sign up for Pearler. Foreign residents can also signup at an account opening fee of $200.


  • Pearler is CHESS sponsored.
  • It comes with a flat fee of $9.50 and ETFs that are brokerage free
  • It has an auto-invest option to enhance automation
  • Provides an environment for long-term investing
  • It doesn’t require previous investing experience


  • It lacks an iOS app (has Android only)
  • Signing up for a Pearler account takes some time (a few hours)
  • You can’t access individual US shares


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