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How to Buy Amazon (AMZN) Shares from Australia

Now that US online trading platforms are readily accessible, Aussies are having the time of their lives.


In the sections below, you’ll understand the comprehensive process of securing Amazon’s shares for your portfolio.

Company Overview

Amazon is an invention of Jeff Bezos. Now a US multinational tech facility, it has been in operation since 1994. Over the years, Amazon has kept tabs on digitalisation. 


The company has grown from an online marketplace for books to digital streaming, eCommerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.


That said, consider the following steps to jumpstart trading in Amazon shares successfully.

Step 1: Choose A Broker

With many online brokers on-site, you should be careful how you pick one. However, don’t worry—the following features explain how you can quickly figure out the right broker:

  • Commission-Free Trading: This one is quite common amongst the US share trading platforms. Here, the cost of share trading accumulates such that you need not pay the commission—quite an excellent way to save spending an extra coin.

  • Fractional Share Investing: If you fancy Amazon shares but are on a tight budget, here is an option for you. As the name suggests, Fractional share investing is open to the possibility of buying just a part of a share.

  • Easy-To-Use Trading Platform: We live in busy times. A straightforward trading platform will save you a lot of time.

    • Research And Reporting: The art of making decisions from conviction is priceless. A legitimate platform should have a reviews section where you get to read through users’ first-hand experiences with the platform.

      Some of the best pointers include company overview, price history, recommendations and price.

  • Education Section: Fortunately, most platforms host tutorials whose content provides significantly helpful tips on negating the trade. 

Step 2: Fund Your Trading Account

Next, make your first deposit in your account. This step may require a little patience as a new account will typically take some time to clear before it is ready for trading.

Step 3: Choose How Much to Invest 

Investing in Amazon shares is not cheap. Please consider investing in fractional shares at this stage. At this point,  you can put in a small amount within the stipulated limits and worry less about possible significant losses.

Buying shares in bits also makes it easier to follow the market trend and pounce on the excellent market days.

Step 4: Shares or ETF? 

This option works best for passive income earners. Consequently, shares and Trust Funds do not allow for active transitions. In the case of shares, you get to own your investment.

On the other hand, ETFs are not different from mutual funds, but they are more versatile in multiple options. 


Amazon shares, for instance, umbrellas Invesco QQQ Trust, Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Trust, iShares Core S&P 500 ETF, and S&P 500 ETF.

Step 5: Set Up Your Order

You may wish to tailor your orders by your order type and the rate you buy them. The following order types are trending in the current market:

  • Market Order: This simply means an order that is up for grabs. This order type tends only to affect the order execution but never the prize.

    For instance, if the shares are trading at US$3,200, but the price depreciates to US$3,150 by the time the order executes, the value of your purchase stands at US$3,150. The same scenario applies when the value appreciates.

  • Limit order: Here, you are allowed to exercise your freedom to set a limit on your prize order, but within given parameters. For example, if you submit an order lower than the share price, your order only gets to be executed when the share price matches your order or trades at a lower one.

  • Stop Loss: This is not so much different from the limit order but allows you more control. As the name suggests, this option will enable you to limit the chances of selling at a loss.

    You nominate a sale price below which your shares cannot drop. The stop-loss order automatically executes the moment the share price matches your nominated stop-loss order.

Step 6: Place the Order

Before you place the order, ensure you counter check your details, from your choice of broker, your order type, to the amount your investment amount. After you confirm that everything is in order, select the place order button.

Step 7: Monitor Your Investment

While acquiring your first shares with Amazon will feel like an achievement, do not get too comfortable. It is always advisable to keep up with their market performance so that you can adjust accordingly.


Be on the alert for different day-to-day events. Such events tend to affect the share value. The impact can present both positive and negative results. 


Other feeds to look out for include competitor activity, employee questionnaire reports, company performance and updates, and the trend of the digital revolution.

Where To Buy Amazon Shares

1. Stake: The Best Option 

Stake is arguably the most outstanding shares trading option, especially by non-US residents. It is open to markets beyond the US, such that they can access US-listed companies free of brokerage. 


The app originated from Australia and has spread its wings across many parts of Europe. The UK, Brazil, and New Zealand are some of the dominating beneficiaries of Stake.


Statistics have supported the growing popularity of Stake. In Australia alone, the number of investors pursuing the US opportunities via Stake has risen to thousands within just a few years.


What’s more, Stake is now on Android and iOS, making it convenient for the user. If you choose to trade from the Stake App, or website available on mobile devices, you are treated to more than 4,000 significant market players.


For instance, Stake is one of the three trading platforms licensed to run all the financial affairs on Sanlam Private Wealth Pty Ltd. This fact shows the level of transparency this platform holds.


The fractional investing option provided by stake is an added advantage. Please note that the fractional value you invest will be affected by the trends of the stock market.


Stake also partners with other platforms to reach out to a broader market. Through DriveWealth, non-US resident traders are free to cast their nets on the US-listed companies.


Stake, however, is not entirely independent. A custodian structure will usually feature for more efficient operations. This factor puts the stake trader under the custody of Citibank by default.  This feature is responsible for facilitating fractional and multiple shares.


It is important to note that investing in any equity or ETF carries risk, such as the value of your investment decreases. However, this is majorly determined by how your mode of investment and the procedure are used.


With all this information in place, is your investment safe? 


Let’s now consider the security of Stake as a platform for shares.


It is essential to know that stake never tampers with your funds. As already highlighted, your investment ends up under the safe custody of Citibank. 


This state of affairs is usually preceded by a procedure that involves transferring your money from their FX partner before Drive Wealth takes over and operates in coordination with Citibank.


To further guard your treasure, stake features one of the best known anti-fraud measures: If you are using your mobile intelligent gadgets, stake facilitates face ID


The second feature is two-factor authentication.


Another reason that gives Stake traders some peace of mind is the assurance that they can still access their funds and equities in case of any hitches on their end. This option is made possible through Stake’s partnership with DriveWealth and Citibank.


Here’s yet another mind-boggling benefit: Through DriveWealth’s partnership with Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and a US-based regulator, FINRA, Stake traders enjoy $500,00 and $250,000 cash worth of cover. 


Please note: Investing through Stake doesn’t come with the benefit of CHESS Sponsorship. 



  • Multiple Investing options
  • Simplified procedures.
  • Tax reporting Share sight Partnership
  • Zero Brokerage 
  • Fractional Share Option



  • FX conversion charges
  • Limited to US investors
  • Delay in Account funding 

2. SelfWealth 

Selfwealth is famous for launching Australia’s first flat-rate brokerage. Stake launched the award-winning solution in 2016. 


It was born with an intent to grow a commissioned community of investors. These stock market investors were driven by the need to do away with fee limitations to accommodate a larger population and bring in a welfare culture.


The investor community has since grown to unimaginable heights. Some of Selfwealth’s notable achievements include: 


  • Health checks
  • Alignment tools
  • Great market insights
  • The development of a target portfolio setting
  • Built-in portfolio
  • An indiscriminate flat fee of $9.50


Selfwealth Australia has invested well in users’ privacy as well as security. For one, their website host is the reputable AWS (Amazon Web Services), which fully complies with (AVPCUG) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Guide.


That is not all. You can easily access a SelfWealth app from your smartphone by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store. Selfwealth also has cross-platform, cross-device compatibility.


Selfwealth user experience is incredible. The registration steps are simple. With Selfwealth, you need not worry about managing the logistics of your portfolio.  


There are tools provided for managing your portfolio and producing a report on the progress of your competitors—this aids in weighing your progress, projecting your future performance, and adjusting accordingly.


Selfwealth is also equipped with operation features, and they have, over time, produced desired results.


Wealth Check, for instance, gives you the leeway to manage your portfolio through carrying out a health and risk performance. 


Safety Rating metrics is another feature that does an excellent job running your performance and projection analysis. 


Surprisingly, these features also allow you to peep into other affairs so that you are better placed to make crucial decisions regarding your investments. 


These affairs include global market news, community statistics, company overviews, price forecasts and recommendations.



  • Guarantee of a flat $9.5 per trade. Brokerage fee
  • Three-months free access to Selfwealth Premium
  • If you wish to upgrade to Selfwealth Premium, you get the benefit of zero transfer charges.
  • You can enjoy using all you want without any charges to worry about



  • Stocks for trade are limited to only Australia and the US

3. eToro

eToro is a big player in the brokerage industry, particularly in copy and social trading. 


The brain behind eToro was a brilliant trio: David Ring, Yoni Assia, and Ronen Assia. Their vision became a reality in 2006. 


Through eToro, many share traders have realised great fortunes. It is currently serving over 140 countries, with a massive number of registered users. 


eToro has recorded a fair share of achievements. In recent years there has been a steady and notable growth rate. 


  • The ease to negate the procedures provided
  • The fee
  • Proven statistics


One of the reasons eToro has managed to scale its way up lies in its versatility in terms of the number of tradable Assets it offers. 


Some of the most active of these include Cryptocurrency, Index-Based Funds, CFDs, Forex, EFTs, etc.



  • All necessary guidelines are easily accessible.
  • It comes with education tools, including video tutorials, podcasts, and its Trading School.
  • It houses a comprehensive demo for new virtual traders
  • Great opportunities through the extensive network made possible through interaction with traders from all experiences
  • It’s easy to benchmark with top tier traders through Copy Trader.
  • User-friendly Apps and Websites makes trading easy.



  • The platform is limited to US shares.
  • Operations are done in a single currency, attracting an exchange fee when transacting.
  • SelfWealth barely escapes the CFDs buy/sell spread fees. 
  • There’s a fixed $5 Funds withdrawal charge.

4. Superhero

Superhero is easy to operate and have stayed true to their policy, “your money, your move”. This is how: all the relevant tools are displayed for your convenience. 


Even better, it accommodates willing investors with little means. With just $100, you are eligible for trading. You can also remotely access your portfolio. 


Another incredible feature of Superhero includes a share trading wallet. The share trading wallet provides the ability to generate a statement of your transactions. This makes it very easy to track the progress of investment. It also has proven a consistent share brokerage product.


To sum it up, Superhero is a game-changer for every potential share investor looking for convenience, security, and affordability.


Superhero is an excellent alternative to the old financial facilities trading in the share market. Its digital aspect also serves as a magnet to the touch-button generation, a great way to tap into the young potential. 


The returns are also excellent.


Superhero is one of the few there is with which one can trade over 2,500 ASX-listed products for less than $500 per trade. That’s the amount considered to be the standard broker’s limit.


It closely competes with famous kicks such as Commsec Pocket. 


However, unlike Commsec Pocket, which low-value trading account is limited to seven ETFs, Superhero is open for trade on any ASX-listed stock and trades US stocks listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE.


Using Superhero also means security for your hard-earned investment. That is made possible by settings that provide the option of two-factor authentication and high-level encryption.


Superhero’s brokerage rates are unique. Typically, most old online brokers will charge up to $50 per trade and for raw deals. No matter your monthly trade volume, with Superhero, you get to enjoy a flat fee of $5 per trade on ASX and $0 on EFTs. 


Signing up for Superhero is simple. In just five minutes, you can have an active account up and running. 


First, make sure you have your particulars on your fingertips. Then, visit their website and sign up with your details, ensuring you complete all the prompts to complete your registration. 


A Pay ID bank transfer is provided to facilitate your first transaction. This is an operation that is far-fetched with the conventional trading apps.


Finally, you will see ETFs and shares displayed on different tabs for you to peruse through and pick for your investment.



  • You can purchase US fractional shares, which comes in handy, especially when purchasing costly stocks. 
  • You can invest as little as $50 
  • The registration process is seamless and takes just a couple of minutes to go through. 
  • Investors can trade with their unsettled funds. 



  • Investors will more likely find themselves researching outside the platform.
  • There are no buy or sell ratings to guide you throughout the marketing process. 
  • There’s insufficient financial information, so you’ll need to get out of the platform.


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