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How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

Have you ever thought about the possibility of making some cash by delivering meals? If your answer is “YES,” you are in the right spot.

Australia has experienced a substantial growth market for delivery services in the recent past, significantly because our working and living habits have evolved.

And because Uber Eats is the industry standard for online meal delivery, working with them could be an excellent choice when seeking methods to increase your earnings.

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

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During the lockdown, many found that ordering meals from various eateries and using UberEats delivery services was a simple and efficient way to get what they needed as quickly as possible. So, the process has become quite common.

This post will answer your question, “How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia?” and provide you with other relevant understandings about UberEats. 

What Is Uber Eats?

Uber is a popular ride-sharing program, providing over 5 million daily services.

In 2014, Uber released the Uber Eats application. The meal delivery program is currently accessible in several places.

With the Uber Eats app, users can buy food from various nearby restaurants. Australian residents can order everything from quick food restaurants to fine dining places and receive them via the Uber Eats app at the convenience of their homes.

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

Fortunately, the app is simple; you only need to browse several restaurants, choose the meal from their online menu, and place your order.

The process is more transparent and efficient than typical delivery because all payments are handled through the Uber Eats app.

Just like the popular Uber drivers, persons who deliver meals are contract employees. Uber Eats provides flexibility in choosing your timetable. You can choose to work and make money anywhere.

What Do Australia UberEats Drivers Earn?

Uber Eats is among the most well-known meal delivery services worldwide. Drivers working for Uber Eats may earn $45 per hour in Australia, with the bottom end at $24 per hour. Uber Eats could be the best choice if you seek a booming job.

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

The following criteria affect how much an Australian Uber Eats driver makes:

  • The number of clients you deliver to per day 
  • The location of delivery.
  • The value of tips you receive  
  • Familiarity with businesses and the region where you work.
  • The moment the order is issued to the driver
  • The moment you issue the order to a client

A professional driver typically completes about four orders per hour, earning $30 to $45. In contrast, a beginner completes approximately three deliveries, earning just $30. A typical 8-hour workday earns $250 to $350; if they work 40 to 50 hours a week delivering food, their weekly earnings might range between $900 and $1200.

How Do Uber Eats Drivers Make Their Income?

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

Understanding your income potential and fare charges is crucial as it improves your understanding of how much money you can make.

When contemplating taking an order, you’ll see the base fare. It will display the delivery schedule, the required travel length, and whether the journey has multiple pick-ups and drop-off locations.

In some situations, Uber Eats may give you an extra trip. This applies to situations with unexpectedly heavy traffic, you must spend extra time waiting at a specific pickup location, or there need to be more delivery drivers going around.

Surge zones, however, have a higher demand for deliveries but fewer riders or drivers available. As such, your fee will automatically increase. Not to mention, there is a greater chance of you getting a delivery.

You will be compensated if you have no other route and must pass through a toll zone while delivering. Nevertheless, only expenses associated with motor transport will be covered by this reimbursement.

When you deliver with Uber Eats, you can keep 100% of any tips the customer gives you.

Which Category of People Can Profit From Ubereats?

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

The job is ideal for anybody interested in having an additional income stream and is an excellent option for students attempting to cover their expenses. Nevertheless, there are certain restrictions in place concerning the employment of students by Uber Eats.

Becoming an Uber driver comes with several perks and advantages. The opportunity to make a respectable living is possibly the reward that first comes to mind. When using Uber, you can choose your work schedule and may choose to put in whatever number of hours you may like. 

This versatility is great for people who wish for full-time jobs and want to earn more money. Drivers for Uber have the opportunity to earn a good living and meet and network with new people. This is considered the most enjoyable aspect of the work.

What Are the Standards for Delivering Food for Uber Eats in Australia?

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

The procedure of signing up is simple. To work as an Uber Eats delivery driver, you’ll not need previous experience; nonetheless, you are required to meet specific qualifications, including the following:

  • Must be above 18
  • Have some conveyance (a car or a motorcycle, for example)
  • Have a driver’s license that is still current
  • Have Australian Business Number (ABN); Uber drivers are regarded to be independent contractors
  • Have Internet connectivity
  • Have the Uber mobile application
  • Have a backpack with insulated compartments for carrying meals
  • You must have a valid driver’s license to use a motorcycle or vehicle. In NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA and WA, Uber Eats allows foreign driver’s licenses. You must submit a translation document if your foreign driver’s license isn’t in English. EU licenses are not subject to this.
  • You must acquire working rights in Australia to become an Uber Eats Driver.
  • You have to undergo a background investigation, which you can do online.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions stipulating you are covered by health insurance.
  • Helmets, Lights and other necessities: The legislation mandates that cyclists wear helmets and have appropriate lighting. All of this is done for safety reasons.
  • Since you’ll be travelling and connecting via phone, the need to carry a phone charger is recommended.

UberEats Signing Up Process 

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

These are the procedures to sign up for Uber Eats in Australia.

  1. Create An Account

The first significant step is visiting Uber online and signing up for a new account.

The following is a list of the processes you must complete:

  • Start by creating a new account and selecting the Australian city where you want to provide delivery services.
  • Select Uber Eats to be your method of delivery and the mode of transport (car, motorcycle or bicycle)
  • Take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions.
  • Provide identification proof documents, like a driver’s license or passport.
  1. Download The Uber Driver App

Install the Uber Driver App on your mobile device since most sign-up procedures happen using the App.

You may also go to their website and create an account, but the App will be necessary to finish the remainder of the process.

  1. Upload The Required Documents

To deliver meals, you must provide some documents (your documents and vehicle).  The Uber app provides detailed instructions on correctly submitting your information and what is required to use the service.

During the process of submitting the documents, you will be given unrestricted access to the following:

  • Support for direct calls only.
  • Uber Chat Program: During your conversation with an Uber professional, they will guide you through the sign-up procedures. Their service is accessible from 10 in the morning until 7 in the evening (AEST)
  • Use the Uber online presence to access further assistance options.

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

The following is a list of the documentation that you must submit:

  • Registration documents for your vehicle: You must include the year/model and type of the car you’ll be using, as well as the vehicle identification number, plate number, and documentation expiry date.
  • Driving permit: You need a valid driver’s license if you wish to serve by vehicle or motorcycle. Your driver’s license should be visible enough to enable someone to read your name, address and picture.
  • Identification proof; All the requirements on your identification should be visible. 
  • It would help if you acquired an ABN to work for Uber Eats. It can play help you in paying Goods and Services Tax.
  1. Acquire Background and Right-To-Work Check

These checks are available for application via the Uber Driver’s app. Background checks are performed by National Crime Check. Most checks are processed in two days, but it might take two weeks.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs handles the work permit verification, which also confirms if you are eligible.

  1. Take the Safe Delivery Training Course

Before beginning your services with Uber Eats, you’ll be required to finish an online course about safe delivery.

This educational program also recognises when it’s risky to deliver and ways to prevent exhaustion.

  1. Study the Delivery Fundamentals and the Lessons on Food Safety

Uber Eats offers online instructions on delivery services, ideal locations to meet a client, and how to get help. Visit their website to learn about the fundamentals of delivery with Uber Eats.

If you have yet to gain experience with food delivery services, going through some resources will teach you more about the value of food safety and secure delivery processes.

Upon completing the sign-up process, it typically takes a few days to be fully operational, and you can begin your food delivery services with UberEats.

How to Increase Your Earnings With Ubereats

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

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There is a lot of opportunity to increase your profits with Uber Eats. Below are some significant points to boost your income.

It would help to determine whether you want to prioritise long-distance or short-distance delivery services.

Concentrating on short-distance services will be beneficial if you work in urban areas. Besides, this will allow you to save both money and time. What’s more, you will have the chance to earn more per shift.

On the other hand, long-distance deliveries could be more profitable when operating in a rural location. Besides, most delivery services are offered in sparsely populated areas. Another benefit of lengthier deliveries is that you are paid extra per delivery.

Pay attention to surge times. Typically, most people make their orders at lunch and supper. Additionally, you could realise that certain weeks have higher ordering rates than others and take a better stand.

Find areas with concentrations of well-known eateries and position yourself nearby. This will give you a more comprehensive selection of delivery possibilities.

This could need some of your time and investigation, but the rewards will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Take note of the boost announcements: You’ll get corporate updates through your email or the Uber app. Places with special events often need more food delivery services. You’ll need to keep an eye out since the organisation will identify the regions and notify you.

Because you retain your tips, it’s crucial to go above and above. Fortunately, this can be an easy task. You only need to remember the client’s name and give them a good impression with a simple statement like “enjoy your meal” or “have a good day.”

Even though this strategy might only sometimes result in more suggestions, if you maintain your positive outlook, you will undoubtedly see an increase. Be confident in making the most money during certain times.

Pros and Cons of Becoming UberEats Driver

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

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Working as an Uber Eats driver has several benefits and a few drawbacks.


  • It gives the freedom to fit into a career, family, studies and other obligations. 
  • In your leisure time, you may make extra revenue.
  • The time you invest is entirely up to you
  • You become independent
  • Registering and beginning are simple.
  • Earning money while moving throughout the city and exploring different spots
  • You retain all of the tips.


  • There is an age limit of 18
  • You must have a mode of transport (car or motorcycle)
  • There are laws regarding working hours

What Factors Can Affect Your Wages as an Ubereats Driver?

Several factors may impact your wages.

The type of transport mode you are operating is where it all starts. You may deliver food in Australia by bicycle or motorcycle. While vehicles let you go further and quicker, they require high maintenance costs.

Therefore, a bicycle or motorcycle would be wiser if you reside in a region with short-distance delivery services. 

The location of the operation might significantly impact your wages. UberEats services are needed in some regions more than others; certain areas have a higher demand for deliveries.

As aforementioned, your profits may be significantly impacted by the available quantity of Uber Eats drivers or customers in your neighbourhood.

When you work in an area with many other drivers, the level of competition will be vital. Because of this, you should expect to receive only a few orders. As a consequence, your potential earnings will suffer.

However, there is a greater possibility for financial gain in areas with no delivery competition. You will get many delivery requests, and there is a significant possibility that you will have to take surge rates.

These days, many individuals utilise Uber Eats as a side hustle in addition to their primary source of income. Such drivers have limited hours per day to provide their delivery services. 

Your earnings will be automatically reduced from the highest possible amount if your delivery hours do not correspond with delivery hours. However, if you choose your working hours, you can use peak traffic times to your advantage.

The Effect of the COVID-19 on the Income of Ubereats Drivers

How Much Do UberEats Drivers Make in Australia

Due to the rising demand for food delivery across the nation, Uber Eats Australia has become an inviting field for drivers and riders.

While delivery services have increased, the Covid-19 pandemic reduced drivers’ and passengers’ profits. Many drivers have crowded the industry, leading to a reduction in opportunities. 

Before the outbreak, Uber Eats drivers could make approximately $200 per day. Unfortunately, this amount has decreased to just $50. Drivers and riders have had challenges working total hours without making a dime.

Bottom Line

Uber Eats is a flexible side gig; you can work around other obligations and make additional cash. Furthermore, it gives you self-independence to be your own boss. Knowing the average earnings of Australian UberEats operators, you can see that the business is the ideal side job.

You should conduct research immediately if you’re considering working for UberEats Australia. This article has covered many aspects of UberEats driver income and other significant information. Now you can decide whether you want to dine with other riders or keep your automobile in your garage. 


The following are some of the most prevalent queries regarding applying to work as an UberEats driver in Australia:

1. Is Uber Eats profitable in Australia?

Uber Eats is the ideal side business since it can easily earn you $400–500 per month and much more if you stick to a strict schedule. All of the above ideas can help increase this work’s profitability.

2. How much do Ubereats drivers make in Australia?

Regional factors, tipping patterns, and delivery volume all come into play. In Australia, the typical hourly wage for an Uber Eats driver is $30.

Each service is expected to generate around $6 to $12 for the typical rider or driver. The actual prices, however, may differ based on distance and time, surge rates, and more.

3. Is It Worth It to Become an Uber Eats Driver?

Being an Uber Eats driver is only a profitable endeavour. But, it is a decent option if you operate in a location where the service is well-liked and can complete many orders per day, such as Melbourne or Sydney. You can achieve the best results in areas where there is low service competition.

4. Can You Make $1000 a Week With Uber Eats?

It is only possible to determine whether each driver can generate $1000 per week because many factors must be considered, including the time you invest driving. Uber Eats drivers now make less money than they did in the past. However, making close to $1,000 per week would be convenient in rare circumstances.


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