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Hostplus Superannuation Fund

Hostplus Superannuation Fund

Hostplus Super is one of Australia’s leading specialised superannuation funds. The industry fund specialised in services for employees within the recreation, sports, tourism and hospitality industries, however, all Australian’s applications all welcome. 

Key points: 

  • Highest MySuper returns of 11.01% this past financial year
  • An office in every Australian state and territory 
  • Considerable investment opportunities
  • Financial advice and financial services

Hostplus Superannuation Fund’s Product Offering

At Hostplus Super you’re able to choose from three main retirement superfunds which all have different features and are designed to suit an individual type of employee and employer. There are the Corporate Super accounts which are initially set up by an employer in which their employees can use. The Personal Super account which is designed for each individual employee. Lastly, the Account-based Pension which is what retired or TTR (transition to retirement) Australians are encouraged to use to convert their funds into an ongoing income cheque. 

These funds give Australians access to the following features: 

  • Low administration fees and zero establishment fees
  • Excellent investment performance 
  • Life insurance, permanent disability insurance or TPD and other insurance options are available
  • Investment strategy and other financial advice and financial services
  • Easy account access from desktop and mobile
  • Flexible options for super investment in multiple asset classes
  • Lifestyle benefits such as discounted health insurance, football tickets, banking products and more. 

Hostplus Personal Super Plan

  • 5-year investment performance of 11.01% 
  • Administration fees of $78
  • Fees calculated on 50k investment of $608

Key features: 

  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Financial advisory services
  • Simple online access
  • Eligible term deposits 
  • Easy super contributions

Hostplus Corporate or Executive Super Plan

  • 5-year investment performance of 11.01% 
  • Administration fees of $78
  • Fees calculated on 50k investment of $608

Key features: 

  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Financial advisory services
  • Easy online access
  • Eligible term deposits 

Joining Hostplus Super Fund

Although the super fund is touted as a fund for those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, just about any Australian can open a personal super plan and become a Hostplus Member. All you’ll need to be is an Australian resident when it comes to tax purposes, or at least be employed by an Australian employer. 

That said, if you’re outside of Australia and not currently employed by an Australian employer you will not have your application approved. 

If you are in any of the circumstances below you may become a Hostplus Member: 

Your employer has selected the Hostplus Super Fund on your behalf

You have nominated, or someone has nominated Hostplus as your superfund under an employment agreement

You have asked your employer to become a member of Hostplus Super Fund

You are eligible to become a Hostplus Super Fund member if:

You are self-employed or not currently in paid employment

You are eligible for Super Choice or you’re employed by an employer who is not a member or Hostplus employer participant

To join Hostplus Super all you’ll need to do is select the superannuation product that suits you most and follow through with the member application process. Remember to compare your options on Extras to make sure you’re opting into the most suitable super fund for you. 

Hostplus Super Fund Investing Processes

Like many other Australian industry super funds, the Hostplus Super Fund investing process is relatively competitive and flexible. You’re able to choose from a range of investment options, aside from the default investment option, that gives you great control over your investment performance. The option of investment in international shares is also a possibility with Hostplus Super Fund.

The superfund’s premixed, direct and sector investment options make use of performance data and investment strategy information to point you in the right direction when it comes to investing your super. 

If these flexible, rather self-managed investments aren’t enough for you, there is also the option of the Choiceplus Investment. This enables members to have greater control over all of their investments and growth potential in both long and short terms. 

We suggest always being well aware of all of your options when it comes to super funds which means taking a look at all of the compared super funds on our website for more information on 5-year returns and more. 

About The Hostplus Super Fund

Founded by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and United Voice in 1988, HOSTPLUS has grown to be one of the most significant super funds in Australia.

Being a 30-year-old super fund makes the Australian Hotels Association (AHA)-founded Hostplus super fund one of the countries longest lasting and more substantial super funds.

One of the biggest perks of the Hostplus Superfund is in that it’s a not-for-profit fund that exists entirely for the advantage of the members it supports. That said, the fund is designed to provide maximum investment returns and does this by developing unique services and working closely with the hospitality, sports and tourism industries across the country. This means appropriate asset allocation, financial planning services and investment options are all taken into account to maximise returns.

Mostly this partnership and focus on member benefits make the super fund one of the best in regards to administration fees and potential profit on account balances in the long term. 

The fund is also a significant player for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders looking for a super fund that supports Reconciliation Action Plans for those who are disadvantaged.


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