Hertz Coupons


Travel across Australia with one of the country’s most trusted car hire brands, Hertz. Don’t forget to
use Australia’s favourite coupon provider too, Extras. We’ll get you the latest Hertz coupons and
discounts for 2019. Whether you’re heading off on a family holiday or travelling to see some
friends, leave it to Extras to get you all of the latest discounts on Hertz rental cars.
Saving on Hertz Rentals with Extras

Get on the road this year without breaking the bank and get your hands on a Hertz rental car for

25% off or snag a few free days rental!
Free Rental DaysMake the most of your next
holiday with additional rental

days that are completely free.
Pay for what you need and

Hertz will tack on an extra
day or two at no extra cost,
depending on the promotion.
On Extras, we’ll make sure
you get that much needed
extra travel day to give you
the chance to get in that last
bit of exploring.
The latest free day Hertz
deals are listed below:
Get 1 Free Day When You
Rent 5 Days or More |
Get 1 Free Day When You
Rent a 3 Day Weekend |

Keep watch of this space you
might find a Hertz coupon
that perfectly suits your next
holiday or road trip.
Percentage Price Cuts
If saving on your entire trip’s
price tag is more up your
alley then we have some
great news for you! Hertz
Rentals often discounts
entire rental periods which
shaves a whole lot of money
off your overall rental cost.
Whether you’re hiring a car
for a week, or even more,
that price cut could amount to
a huge saving.
Take a look at the latest
Hertz rental period discount
codes below:
Rent for 7 Days or More and
Receive 25% off the Base
Rate | 204760
Don’t miss out on huge
savings that could put
hundreds of dollars back in
your pocket to spend on your
road trip.

Save on Hotels with Hertz

To make things a little easier
at your destination, Hertz
also offers fantastic deals at
hotels. Prior to, or after
booking your Hertz rental,
you’ll be able to see whether
your location is eligible for
hotel gift cards which might
provide enough extra cash
for a free night.
Extras’ latest Hertz hotel
deals are listed below:
Receive a $50 Hotel Gift
Card When Renting a Mid-
size or Large Vehicle for 3+
Days | 204525
Make your entire holiday
more affordable with Hertz
and Extras’ fantastic coupon


Using Hertz Coupon Codes
Using our Hertz coupon codes and hotel discounts is completely effortless thanks to the Hertz
booking and reservation process. All you’ll need to do is choose your pick up location, travel dates,
age and car type. Once passed the initial booking stage you’ll be able to enter your coupon codes
to obtain your discounts and hotel gift cards.
In most cases, a vehicle discount and a hotel gift card can be activated at the same time,
effectively saving you on your vehicle fees and your hotel.