Dell Coupons


Take the hard work out of looking for a more affordable Dell laptop for school, work or university on
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Dell Coupons and News with Extras

Whether you’re looking for a discount on a new laptop, a more affordable case or some

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Percentage Discounts
Save hundreds across Dell’s
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laptops, desktop computers
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The latest Dell coupons from
Extras are outlined below:

Save Up to 15% Off Selected

Save Up to 20% Off the
Performance Laptop Range
Save Up to 35% Off
Business Laptops
Dell often adds awesome
savings and discounts to
their laptop and desktop
range so check back with
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The Latest News

No one likes to buy a laptop
only to learn that it’s been
superseded by a newer
model in just a few days.
Always be on top of the latest
Dell releases and product
updates with Extras and
make sure your new
investment really is the latest
model. We’ll even let you
know when new chipsets or
laptop ranges are updated.
Our latest Dell updates are
listed below:

Dell XPS 15 Range to
Release in March 2019
Intel Whiskey Lake Added to
Select Devices
Latest Alienware 17 R5
Don’t miss out on the latest
Dell laptops, accessories and
home theatre news again
with Extras product updates.
Dell Promotions
We know Dell loves to offer
fantastic savings and
promotional freebies with
their products and we’ll make
sure to notify you of the latest
deals. Whether it’s an
included case, cloud storage
inclusions, new financing
options or university
promotions, you’ll be the first
to know.
The latest Dell promotions
from Extras are listed below:
Up to 35% Off For Uni
Earn 10,000 Qantas Points
on Business XPS Orders
Take 20% Off Accessories
with DEAL20
Always take advantage of
product promotions and
never miss out on a dollar
saving with Extras.

Using Dell Coupons, Discounts and Promotional Savings
Our Dell promotions and savings are incredibly simple to take advantage of and can often be used
without a promo code – unless otherwise stated. All you’ll need to do is select the Dell product
you’d like to buy, add your coupon code in the checkout field and watch the saving added.
If your Dell product doesn’t require a coupon, Dell will automatically add the saving for you in their
final price listed. This also holds true for promotional products. If your laptop or desktop comes with
a discounted or free accessory, the Dell website will notify you in your cart.