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Let’s make finding a rental car, truck or van a whole lot cheaper with the Avis 2019 coupons on
Extras. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply need a rental car while you’re waiting on a service
or repair of your own vehicle, we have the Avis savings coupons you’ll need to save on your next
car hire.
Avis Coupons, Discounts and Member Exclusives on Extras
Whether you’re a Preferred member or just looking for a coupon for Avis Car Hire, we have you


Free Day Avis Discounts
If you’re looking to shave the
cost of a few days off your
Avis rental car, we have
some good news for you.
The Extras discount and
coupon news make sure
you’ll never miss a free day
promotion on your Avis

Take a look at our free day
discounts below:
Book 7 Days and Only Pay
for 6 | TPNA030
Receive a 3rd Day Free on
Select SUVs | TPNA026
Spending some time on the
road doesn’t have to break

the bank and with Extras’
Avis coupons you’ll be
getting entire days for free.

Avis Promotional

Every so often Avis releases
stunning promotions for
drivers across Australia to
make that summer trip or visit
to see family just that little bit
cheaper. On Extras, you’ll
never miss a promotional
discount which means saving
comes easy.
Our latest Avis promotional
discounts are listed below:
Rent an Economy Vehicle
and Receive a Free Elite
Upgrade | UPDA011
As these promotions are
ongoing and routinely
change, you should check
back on Extras for the latest
Avis discounts and free

If you’ve found yourself lucky
enough to be travelling to a
location that Avis has placed
on their discount list, then
you’ll be glad to know that
you could receive free days,
dollar-days and a whole suite
of other Avis discounts!
The latest incredible Avis
location discounts are listed


Drive From Darwin to Select
Locations for $1 a Day
Enjoy South East QLD and
Receive a Free 4th Day |
Travel South Australia and
Receive a 3rd Weekend Day
Free | TPPA036
Keep up with Extras and
never miss huge Avis

discounts on specific
locations again.

Using Avis Coupons and Codes
To take full advantage of Avis discount codes and coupons on your next road trip be sure to add
the coupons you see on Extras to your Avis reservation. You’ll be given the option to input a code
during your reservation after you’ve chosen your pick up and drop off locations, travel dates and
age. All savings and discounts will be applied if your trip aligns with the Avis promotion or terms
outlined on the Avis website.
For vehicle upgrade promotions, simply book the within the Economy Class of vehicles and upon
adding your discount code you’ll be upgraded to the next class of vehicles. Be sure to check terms
as you may need to book a Standard Class vehicle to be eligible.